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Get a bond for misdemeanor or felonies

Whether the charges are great or small, we can create a bond for you to sign. Since 2004, we have offered bonds for charges from misdemeanors to felonies.

About the Reno Sparks Jail

Washoe County Reno-Sparks Jail houses up to 1000 inmates and is one of the first jails that was a direct supervision detention center.  


At the Washoe County Jail, you will not be able to visit your loved one until up to 5 days after their arrest. There is a $50 fee for bonding anyone out charged by the sheriff, that is independent of our bail charges.

We are there when you need us

Don't fret over your case. First call bail bonds to get out and get back to your normal life.

We handle the details of the releases from Washoe Jail.

The jail provides daily transit to court systems and more.

Release times are 4 to 6 hours in Washoe Jail.

We can handle it

Jail transit

Release times


Get a quick bond

Professional service

Visiting an inmate at Washoe happens in order of last name.

Get the quickest bond from A-1 Bail Bonds.

We offer bail bonds with professional service.

Quick bond and quick release

Call us anytime and we can set up a bond in order to get your loved one released. Start the bond now and have them released soon.

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