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Party to hard? Get back home with bail bonds

A night of partying can often turn bad if you get arrested or partying just a little too hard. Get Bailed out of jail with a bail bond from A-1 Bail Bonds.

Bail out a friend that you trust

If you know that you can trust your friend or family member to show up for court, feel free to bail them out of jail. Once you pay, you will be responsible for the entire bond amount if they do not go to court.


If your loved one has been arrested and you want to give them a chance to straighten out, contact us today!

Carson City Jail

Carson City Jail (Detention Facility)

897 E. Musser St.

Carson City, Nevada 89701

(775) 887-2500


Apply now and get bailed out today!

Get released from the jail within a few hours!

A bondsman will take the bond into the jail immediately.

Bail today

Release from jail

We bring in the bond

Bring valid ID

24/7 service

Get back to real life

Bring in your ID information to get a bond for your loved one.

Contact us 24/7 to get a bond!

The sooner you bond out, the sooner your life begins again.

Set up terms of release

A-1 Bail Bonds can set up the proper bond to get your friend our of jail, then work with you on the premium payment amount.



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